Response Statement to Roginsky Allegations


Today, the Murphy for Governor 2017 campaign responded to false and misleading claims made in an opinion column by a former vendor, Julie Roginsky, whose firm, Comprehensive Communications Group, provided consulting services to the campaign until July 2017:

"As Ms. Roginsky knows, she was separated from the campaign due to irreconcilable political and professional differences with the campaign, and not for any other reason,” said spokesperson Caitlin Mota. “These issues included concerns about Ms. Roginsky’s misuse of internal campaign information to personally attack others on the campaign. The campaign was also very concerned with her professional relationships with interests not aligned with the campaign. In fact, we believe that some of those conflicts of interest exist to this very day.”

“Ms. Roginsky is attempting to rewrite history. By conflating the circumstances of her departure from the campaign with the legitimate and very serious concerns that women across the country are finally feeling empowered enough to discuss, we believe she may be misusing this movement for her own political gain.”

"At no time was Ms. Roginsky an employee or even a volunteer on the Murphy campaign. Her company was hired as an outside consultant to provide strategic advice and other services to the campaign. She received highly confidential information including campaign strategies, proprietary information, and personal information about the Murphy family. As is true with any highly paid consultant, who may change allegiances during or after an election, Ms. Roginsky’s firm agreed in writing not to disclose this confidential information.”     

 “If anyone associated with the campaign has had complaints about workplace experiences, she or he has always been free to voice those complaints, regardless of claims to the contrary. This has been made abundantly clear and it will continue to be the case.”